The Region

Located in Vilar Maior, an ancient Medieval village in the amazing municipality of Sabugal, the region is a true cultural treasure in Portugal. With its rich history and stunning landscapes, Vilar Maior enchants visitors with its medieval architecture, such as the imposing Torre de Menagem and its picturesque atmosphere. In addition, the region offers delicious traditional gastronomy, unique traditions and the opportunity to explore unspoiled nature, making it a must-see destination for those looking for an authentic experience in the heart of the country

In Vilar Maior you can visit:

- Mother Church of Vilar Maior or Church of São Pedro
- Medieval bridge over the River Cesarão or Roman bridge
- Pillory

- Castle
-Romanesque Church of Santa Maria do Castelo

- Roman fountains
- Museum in the former town hall and prison building
- Graves

- Anthropomorphic graves
- Several chapels (Sr. dos Aflitos, Misericórdia, S. Sebastião)
- Building of the old community oven
- Carapito Valley Reserve - Rewilding Portugal
- Panoramic Swing of Chão da Forca
- Walking Trail | PR2 - Cesarão Valley


- Feast of Divino Sr. dos Aflitos on the 1st Sunday of September
- Staging of the Life and Passion of Christ at Easter
- Other festivities throughout the year, including the Bons Saberes & Bons Sabores Cultural Week in August

In the Region

- 5 Medieval Vill ages villar Maior, on the Route of the 5 Medieval Villages in Sabugal, enchants with its narrow streets and preserved stone houses, transporting visitors to a fascinating dive into medieval history.

- River Leisure Areas

- Swings


Sabugal's five medieval villages are true historical treasures that enchant visitors with their charm and timeless atmosphere. Aldeia do Bispo, Sortelha, Sabugal, Alfaiates and Vilar Maior have narrow cobbled streets, preserved stone houses and imposing castles that transport travelers back to the Middle Ages, providing an authentic and captivating experience.Nulla facilisi cras fermentum odio. Viverra suspendisse potenti nullam ac tortor vitae purus faucibus. Enim neque volutpat ac tincidunt vitae semper quis.

Traditions of the Region

- Capeias Arraianas: Characteristic form of bullfighting, with the aid of the Forcão. An integral part of this tradition is the encerro. This involves driving the bulls through rural paths, with the help of experienced riders, who run ahead of the animals or behind them, leading them to the place where the Capeia will take place.

- Religious Festivities

- A wide variety of handicrafts